Hexagons: Nature's Most Efficient Shape!
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Why do honeybees make hexagonal honeycombs? Does nature love hexagons? Why do engineers and computer programmers use hexagonal patterns to make a well-connected world? Nature as well as humans seem to like the number 6! In the quest to find the best packing solution for cannonballs, scientists have found that hexagons offer the optimal way to fill a large space while minimizing the boundary. It is the spatial arrangement of atoms that gives each element its unique shape and properties. Once the relationship between the structure and properties is understood, it helps in modifying or designing new materials or molecules with specific desired properties. Today honeycomb structures have numerous engineering and scientific applications, including in the aerospace industry, eco-friendly packaging solutions, and industrial design innovations. Learn how structural science is used in creating novel hexagonal-shaped crystalline structures for the future automobile industry and telecommunication. 

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