Esports: From Child's Play to a Multi-billion Dollar Business
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Digital games have arrested the attention of the young generation by the throat, more than television could do. Of all the games that they are attracted to, competitive computer gaming is the most engaging. E-sports, as they call it, has eclipsed other sports. And there are compelling reasons for this shift. The whole world is standing back to watch the crackerjack industry work with a blend of creation and concentration, magic and determination, immensity, and intelligence. Video games are no longer allied merely with the image of nerds. The 1.5 billion dollar industry is refurbished with passionate and professional gamers who have turned the tide. Using distinguished strategies for playing, they develop experiential skills. The cultivated sense of purpose has turned E-Sports into an emerging discipline. How is the e-sports culture taking shape worldwide? Are there any hidden secrets to it? Read the module to find out.

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