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The world is changing at breakneck speed. The children who are in school today will see a dramatically different world in their 30’s. Will they be ready for it? ACadru is one solution to this problem.

The jobs of the future will depend on the tectonic changes taking place in the spheres of business, economy, science and culture. Add AI to the mix, and one begins to understand how a lot of work will be mechanised and automated so that machines may carry them out effectively. What then are the jobs for the current kindergarten generations? And how can we prepare them?

The current education systems encourage studying and learning specialised subjects in depth. At the risk of excluding other important topics, students often have a hard choice to make. When we choose a stream, there are some subjects that we choose, and some that we reluctantly leave behind. An interdisciplinary approach, on the contrary, includes different subjects from various streams. It draws appropriately from several disciplines at the same time to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries. It often even results in solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.

We need to accept that learning is not an isolated process. ACadru is a carefully curated collection of thoughts across all disciplines created by a team of experts. Its multidisciplinary approach creates an interest-based curriculum which aims to uncover an area of learning which encompasses various themes and kickstarts unique combinations of thought processes in the learner.

Mathematics and geography? That’s how you predict earthquakes. Similarly, the combination of nature and architecture has given the world some of the best design-thoughts in the form of biomimicry.

“What stream have you chosen?” Such a question haunts students at almost any senior level. Was it the right choice? The doubt that hits us in the gut stays for years.

How will the choices that you make today in terms of things you learn impact your career tomorrow? What projects to do to build a profile that helps you acquire relevant 21st century skills? How can you shore up your CV that you can successfully position yourself for top colleges in the world?

ACadru is a way out of the cycle of self-doubt and helps you build your profile for future academic success and career development.

Meet Our Team
Kamini Vidisha
Vidisha is our ‘go-to-person’ for everything at ACadru. From technology development and customer acquisition, to student mentoring and even accounts, Vidisha has touched every function at ACadru. Previously she studied at Harvard University, and has gloriously failed at a number of startups before starting ACadru. She hopes to do better here!
Konkona Gogoi
Konkona is a linguist at heart. She loves binge-watching box sets and is obsessed with Pinterest. She also loves a good book and putting her green fingers to work(!) Konkona leads content creation at ACadru and has previously done her Masters in English Literature. She is a trained Instruction designer and has supported a number of domestic and international clients in creating cutting-edge content.
Neha Yadav
A trained scientist, Neha has studied Biotechnology at University of Nottingham, UK. At ACadru, she focuses on creating content in Science and Technology related areas. She is especially deft at analysing and interpreting data, conducting experiments and generating data-backed insights and content nuggets.
Malvika Sampat
Malvika leads marketing initiatives to spread the word about ACadru. She specializes in social media marketing and relationship management. She also dabbles in product marketing, digital marketing, and data analytics at ACadru. In her spare time, she loves cooking, reading, and going on adventures with her family.
Abhishek Singhal
Abhishek is a millennial impact strategist focused on mentoring young people and building new ventures. At Anavi, he is responsible for mentoring and advisory services. A graduate of MIT Sloan and IIT Delhi, he spent time in strategy, and sales and marketing before starting ACadru.
Nitin Goyal
Nitin is a passionate investor and a partner at marquee investment firm, Blue Lotus Capital. Previously a graduate from Stanford, IIM and IIT, he has spent his time across consulting and PE/VC firms. He is the soul-keeper at ACadru and takes care of Strategy and Global businesses.
Samarth Chandra
Samarth has a deep passion for analyzing problems and coming up with technological solutions. A scientist with a PhD from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and an undergraduate from IIT Delhi, Samarth has been a post-doctoral research fellow at the National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA. Currently focused on machine learning led data analytics platforms and applied mathematics, Samarth supports technology and product development at ACadru.
Meet Our Mentors
Guillermo Estévez
Jason Gorman
Monica Kachru
Nitin Goyal
Thomas W. Mills
Kamini Vidisha