World-Building: The Importance of Setting in Fiction & Media
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Have you ever immersed yourself in the fantasies of elves and hobbits, vampires and werewolves, wizards and warlocks, or fairies and monsters? Or for that matter even lost in the world of literature where mighty words transported you to a different land altogether? We are all definitely mesmerized by such a world. In fact, as the idea of world building is a staple in children’s literature, we have been acquainted with such a world since childhood. Remember Aesop’s Fables? A large percentage of fiction for children falls within the genre of fairy tales, myths and legends requiring writers to establish rich settings and evocative moods in that limited space.

Such fictional worlds act as catalysts and allow the formation of the story in a rich manner. The term world building has moved beyond literature to encompass a variety of media, including film, television, music and games. World building is not exclusive to fantastic fiction; there are a number of fields associated with it. Why do you think are we so consumed by the act of world building? What are the factors which captivate our minds? How do famous world builders create a world of mystics and enchantment? Read the module to delve deep into this captivating world.

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