Why Mysteries Appeal: From Fear to Assurance
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Imagine how dreary life would be if we knew everything about it. The curiosity of the unknown maintains a sense of wonder in us and keeps us engrossed in uncovering the veils of existence. And that is why we all need a tonic of suspense, now and then! Writers have long harnessed this element in the form of mystery stories. Going through such narratives puts the reader in fear of the camouflaged secret. Haunted mansions, the skeleton in the closet, winding hallways, and clandestine passageways… As the feelings of discomfort lead you to a tormenting climax, be assured it is time for an emotional purge. 

Appealing works of literature would be hollow without amazing mysteries. What is it in mysteries that sustains interest and fascinates the audience? Read the module to find out.

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