Who Am I? The Science of Personality
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There has been a lot of debate on the science of personality. Some say personality is influenced by genes and can be observed even in young infants; others say it is shaped by the experiences and changes over the course of a person’s life. Some philosophers say we are our body; others say our mind is what gives us our identity. So there has never been any unified consensus on the science of personality. 

Remember the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter ‘Sorting Ceremony in Hogwarts’? Sorting Hat’s decisions were based on the personality of students. He sorted the students in the four houses based on the qualities they possessed. People who possessed bravery and chivalry were sorted into Gryffindor. People who possessed cunning and ambition were sorted into Slytherin and so on. 

Unfortunately, we have no such sorting hat in the real-life scenario and all we have are a number of theories and studies. The topic of personality is of universal interest and holds relevance in all human interactions. On the other hand, although the study of personality is compelling and important, personality as a topic is also very hard to pin down into one frame or definition. So what is the science of personality? Is it related to other fields like biology, neuroscience, psychology, etc. or is it an independent field of study? Explore the module to get newer insights into the topic.

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