When Engineering Meets Music
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Counting, rhythm, scales, intervals, patterns, symbols, harmonies, time signatures, overtones, tone, pitch…these are common terms used in the world of music. Musicians compose world-class notations using the intricate web of mathematics. Whether it's classical, rock, folk, religious, ceremonial, jazz, opera, pop, or contemporary types of music, mathematics is used to create the music you enjoy. But the real scientific story of music starts with the instrument design. Designing a musical instrument is also pure science. Designing a musical instrument is an intricate art that requires a perfect balance of technology and musical cultures to innovate and sustain tradition at the very same time. Musicians work with scientists, acousticians and come up with new ideas for improving musical instruments. Today's innovation-seeking instrument makers use different strategies to break into this world of perfection. Modern technology has enabled musicians to compose, record, mix and sell their own music. They use social media and web presence to build a fan following. They design their own cover art. Taking self-innovation to the next level, they are now making their own instruments. Explore how science and technology have transformed the musical world and redefined the way people listen to music across the globe.

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