What Stories Do Glaciers Tell?
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The problem of global warming is often deferred to some perfect time in the future. We may try to avoid a head-on clash with the issue and yet it stands boldly facing us. In reality, a hawk eye is needed to address the issue with immediate attention. Climate change is causing the temperature of the earth to rise, thus melting the glaciers and ice sheets. The surface area of glaciers is getting thinner each year with the water flowing into lakes and oceans. When the frozen part of the planet in the form of glaciers/ice/snow undergoes a melting phase as the world is experiencing now, results can be disastrous. There is a pressing priority to commit a reduction in carbon emissions and make necessary changes to reduce the effect of rapidly melting glaciers. What is the solution? How do melting glaciers affect the whole ecosystem? Is it possible to stop them? Explore these critical points in the module.

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