The "Trouble with Planting New Forests" & More About Sustainable Forestry
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The word ‘forest’ paints a picture of an area densely covered with trees. And yet, its correct denotation needs a thorough understanding which takes us beyond the intricacy of hundreds of definitions that exist of it, throughout the world. 

Forests are mysterious and strong, profound, and complex ecosystems that protect soil and water resources, accommodating creatures with an interdependent circle of life. They are a natural habitat for wildlife and wisely connect with climatic stability and biological diversity. They work in sophistication, learning and adapting to behaviors around them. Their protection is however in jeopardy with a lot of controversies. It is estimated that forests throughout the world are being destroyed at a rate of 58000 sq. miles each year. What will be the consequences if this destruction continues? What are the principles of sustainable forest management? Explore the module to find out.

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