The Success of Science Depends on Precise Measurements
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What is the definition of a KILOGRAM or a METER? Why did scientists from the different parts of the world come together to change the definition of a kilogram? Why did they spend a million Euros and thousands of man-hours to create a perfect, pure, polished Silicon sphere? What is the difference between accuracy and precision? How can a machine, such as a car, travel such long distances without failing? The secret lies in the SMALL PRECISE SPACES in the intricate design of Journal bearing! Precise and accurate measurements form the pillars of a unified or ‘an agreed-upon system’ called the metric system. The system lays the foundation of scientific research, which in turn supports the present technological economy and high standards of living. Let's read further to find out how does the world's roundest object help solve the longest running problem in measurement- “How to define the kilogram?”

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