The Science and Politics of Sand
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Many of us derive happiness by digging our feet in wet sand and looking for seashells on a beach. Other than this, how far does your idea of sand extend? We might have played with a sand clock, built sandcastles, seen a pile of sand on construction sites, or learned that sand is insoluble in water. However, do you know that the whole story of earth is locked in tiny grains of sand? 

Sand is a great time capsule in which a lot of information and wisdom is stored. Have you ever wondered how sand appears the same everywhere? Are you aware that the sand grains differ from place to place though it appears the same? There is a large variety of sand in several regions of the world. However, this beautiful, natural treasure can also be dangerous. What are its risks and benefits to humanity? Why is the world concerned over the deficiency of this precious resource? Can sand deficit lead to wars in the future? Explore these significant yet rarely talked about aspects in the module. 

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