The Power of Propaganda: How Hitler’s Regime Pioneered Fake News
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The capacity to think is one of the most significant abilities given to human beings. But time and again, a powerful force has been used to weaken it among the masses to the extent that it becomes null and void.  Propaganda – a soft weapon used by the autocrats to succeed in their despicable motives by dissolving the thinking capacity of people. History has been a witness to it time and again, especially during the rise of the Nazi party when Adolf Hitler attained power. It was the contradictory era that allowed this brutal dictator to commit horrible crimes. 

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And that is why understanding the power of propaganda is the first line of defense against such iterations of adversities. Explore the module to find out the influence of Nazi ideologies on Germany and the world. Also, how they are still relevant in current times, though adorned in a different robe.

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