The Nature of Human Intelligence
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When we closely observe people around us like our friends, family, colleagues, or classmates, we find a lot of individual differences in terms of how they perceive things, perform various tasks, their learning behavior, forms of reasoning, etc. Such differences can be noticed in every walk of life. The ability of humans to apply the acquired knowledge with a sense of logic, reasoning, understanding, learning, and experience is what makes us stand out. 

With the development of technology, our intelligence powerhouse is increasing day by day and we are becoming smarter, more capable, and productive. But as technology is making us smarter it has been argued that it does not necessarily make us wiser. Human intelligence is powered by guided learning and mentoring which is irreplaceable by AI. Can human intelligence be merely narrowed down into book learning and test-taking smartness? Is intelligence an inbuilt quality or something more fluid and malleable? Why some people are more intelligent than others? Why do siblings from the same family have different aptitude and intelligence levels? To answer these and other similar questions read this interesting module on the nature of human intelligence. 

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