The Fascinating Psychology of Human Memory
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Human memory is a very fascinating and intriguing faculty. Sometimes we use it desperately to remember an important phone number that we perhaps forgot to save, and at other times we feel excited as we can still flawlessly recite lines of some famous poems we learnt for the school elocution as a child. Sometimes we are embarrassed because of our inability to remember a known face that waved at us at a park, and at other times our memory is so strong that we can even associate a scent with a particular occurrence or event. Ever found yourself walking into a room only to realize that you can't remember why you went in there in the first place?

We are all aware of such tricks that memory plays on us throughout our lives. Some of our memories are enjoyable; others we’d rather forget. But more than anything else, our memories make us who we are. Without our recollections, we will not be able to function right. These hold the key to our lives. Considering how monumental our memories are to our everyday lives, most of us know little about how and where they are formed, the peculiar ways of how they function and how the mammoth research in this field has led to the development of useful applications in the field of education and neuroscience. Explore the module to dive deep into this interesting subject!

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