The Evolutionary Origins and Significance of Friendship
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Ever wondered what makes F.R.I.E.N.D.S still the world’s favorite sitcom, 25 years on? Yes, it is a great show. It does make excellent comedy look effortless. It certainly gave out the maximal FOMO threat. But beyond the obvious, each character also gave away vital life lessons that strike a chord with most of us. “Stay motivated always”, “Keep it real”, “There’s always a bright side”, “Don’t be afraid to take a risk”, “Keep trying for that dream job” and so many more. We all found something quite relatable about the show at each point. Because what we are, in our personal and professional lives is largely determined by the kind of friends we choose to keep. Incidentally, science agrees with it too.

According to science, friendships have a deep psychological bearing on how socially popular we are, our professional cross-functional dynamics, problem-solving ability, and the threshold of our tolerance of joy and pain. But do we always get to choose our friends? As we grow, how do friendships change? And why do some friendships go sour? 

The aim of this module is to explore the science behind friendships and the role of friendship plays in the developmental transitions of our life span. 

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