The Degrowth Economy: Can Prosperity Without Growth Save the Planet?
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The economy runs on the principle of demand and supply. When the value of goods and services produced in the economy increments, we experience economic growth. This is because more production in the number of capital goods means more employment of labor and an increase in productivity. Also, increased consumption of goods and services means a rise in the living standard of people. Certain of this concept as the road to economic growth, we move forward. But our paradigm of an ideal economy in this form is deceiving.  For how is it possible for the economy to grow endlessly on a planet that has finite resources? This is where we come at crossroads between our right to consume and our right to live. The soil, air, and water are getting depleted and unfit with this ever-increasing amount of intake. The climate is changing. There is a need to shift our focus from a consumption-based economy to a care-based economy. But will it be possible to prosper without economic growth? The answer may lie in the Degrowth strategy. Explore this significant concept in the module.

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