The Cultural Roots of Personality
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How many times have you seen someone’s behavior and felt that they were behaving exactly like their mother or father? The mother is calm and balanced, so is the son. The father has a tendency for violent behavior, and so does his daughter. There is definite evidence that genetic inheritance does shape behavior but we cannot give all control to genes – if genes were the sole determiner of people’s behavior, a criminal would never be convicted for a crime. 

Nature always works with nurture to form a personality. A person may have a genetic tendency for depression, but for an individual who has never experienced any stressful situation in life or is raised in a happy culture, the likelihood of his genetic disposition taking control markedly decreases. This is why the kind of culture in which one is raised becomes important – people or personalities might appear warm and agreeable, or unfriendly and hostile, extroverted and outgoing or reserved and shy according to the social or cultural milieu in which they were raised. So how does culture influence personality? How did the school of culture and personality originate and who were its important theorists? Is it possible to find out about the personality of the inhabitants of a particular country based on cultural stereotypes? Read the module to find out!

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