The Bright and Dark Side of Nationalism
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Each of us belongs to a place called the nation or country. We are brought into it by birth or by law. With the other members of our community, we take pride in sharing the same culture, border, religion, location, tradition, beliefs, or language. This is how our national identity is constructed. 

National identity is but a myth that individuals of a particular nation build to keep themselves within the imaginary borders of their home country. Though it has existed since the world got segmented into countries, the idea was strengthened during the First World War when some nations imagined themselves as superior to others. But building a national identity is as much important for every human being as building self-definition. It provides an ability to defend from foreign influences, to unite and know oneself. How do nations conceive it? What factors define nationalism? How does nationalism bring people together under one common sentiment? When and how does it turn into antagonism? Explore these crucial facts in the module.

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