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Most of us are so spellbound by the grandness of giant marvels like the Grand Canyon or a massive universe swirling around that we tend to overlook the intricacies of the tiny sophisticated world. As much engineering skills are required to create larger-than-life forms, scaling down machines needs a greater joint force of brilliant minds. Scientists have been constantly trying to squeeze the engineering marvels of humongous size by tweaking their physical and chemical properties at a minuscule scale. By manipulating matter on a truly tiny scale, scientists and engineers have reshaped the modern world where NANOMACHINES are replacing the traditional robust machines carrying out big, cumbersome tasks. Ranging from nano-sized motors, rockets to even cars–these Nano marvels are delivering drugs anywhere in the body, cleaning up oil spills, and are even used as artificial muscle cells. The science at the heart of this power of miniaturization is none other than NANOTECHNOLOGY. The word didn’t even exist half a century ago, but with the invention of tools (such as the scanning tunneling microscope and the atomic force microscope) in the early 1980s, a groundbreaking multidisciplinary field emerged shaping the colorful vision. The rest is history…
Explore the ever-expanding world of miniaturized machines that are now working at the molecular level to carry out big, cumbersome tasks which otherwise would not have been possible. 

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