The Artistic Process of Book Cover Design
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Whenever we walk through a book store or scroll through a collection of e-books, the first thing which stops us to further look for the contents in the book is a fascinating book cover! Such a book cover creates the first impression on its potential readers. It attracts and piques their interest almost instantly. As every phase of our physical environment – our architecture, our transportation and our methods of communication – have changed their forms drastically in the past many years, so it is with the publishing industry. Although the physical form of the book today is essentially the same as it was many years ago, but the designers today are equipped with better designing tools and digital art formats that have definitely changed book designing for the better. 

Everything about a book’s cover – the font, the images, the colours – should resonate with potential readers at a glance and should be able to tell them something about what they can expect to find within. We live in an age where the competition between publishers and authors is startlingly high, therefore, there is greater need for right book covers that do their work within seconds. So, what are the essentials of a good book cover? How has book cover design and development changed over decades? Why is it important to understand the commercial angle of cover design while designing books and covers? This module will answer all such questions and will prove beneficial for readers who would want to pursue a career in book designing.

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