Solving Turbulence: A Million Dollar Science Problem!
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Which is more difficult to understand- water flowing from a garden hose or traveling through spacetime? Physicists have been able to find answers to the latter but are still unable to solve the water flow issue! TURBULENCE- the irregular motion, remains one of the most perplexing phenomena of physics- a phenomenon so complex that it has earned a reputation of being a “million-dollar prize problem”. Scientists are now trying to understand the 'repeated pattern' of this random event, in order to achieve high-performance nuclear-fusion reactors. Aerodynamicists are also speeding up cars using the same! Read this module to learn the science behind the key element that gives birth to massive stars in the universe. Find out how understanding turbulence can help create better designs, understand natural phenomena more effectively, and enable both scientists and humanists in building a sustainable future...

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