Solving Complex Problems Using Systems Thinking
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One and one make two. We understand the digits of this equation. But how about the connecting piece ‘and’? Do we understand that? Comprehending the 'and' part simply means revealing the underspecified parts of a system from the hiding and relate them with the over-specified components that are quite apparent. Systems thinking is a reflection of this aspect of design. It brings integrity by being aware of the underlying processes and capabilities, how they interact to make up a unified arrangement and evolve as a pattern. Organizations everywhere can make use of systems thinking by visually exploring the tool to solve the nastiest complications. Amazingly, this tool discovers the essence of solutions via pictures that are worth a thousand words. Determining the components of a system and their interactions in detail leads to their deeper understanding and refinement, leading to new patterns to emerge as a solution. Read this module to know how the creative process works and can be used to make smarter decisions in any domain.

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