Soil or Dirt: Choice is Yours!
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How is soil different from dirt? Puzzled! Not many know the difference between the two. But both of them are completely distinct from one another.

The ground where you sow the plant is SOIL whereas what you get in your nails after planting is DIRT. While dirt is a mere ‘displaced soil’ without any life form, soil on the other hand, is the thin living skin that covers the land comprising of organic matter, rocks, liquid, and gases. The soil breathes, transfers, adds, and loses the energy/matter the same way the other biospheres do. Last few generations have ignored, exploited, and degraded the soil, but now its time to pay attention to this underrated form of biosphere. Undermining the well-being of 7 billion people, more than 75 percent of Earth’s land areas are substantially degraded. Unsustainable agricultural practices and greenhouse gas emission has led to the depletion of the top fertile layer of the soil- producing low-nutrient yields. Scientists are now digging deep into the soil to find the solution for improved food quality, understand life-origin & evolution- even fight climate change! Environmental scientists are 

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