Science of Spices: A Perfect Blend of Stimulants, Intoxicants, and Wealth!
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Why do we love the burning taste of chilies? How and why did chilis evolve this weird, fiery trick in the first place? What is the relationship between our evolved brains and the spicy palette? Today you can find them in every household, but at one point in time SPICES were considered treasures.  Bloody battles were fought to win control of the spice trade and the routes along which it took place. The wealth of the spice trade brought great power and influence and, over the centuries. Today, what seems a regular salt-and-pepper cellar, in the 16th and 17th centuries, treaties were signed in exchange for these spices. From stimulants to intoxicants to wealth, explore this world of spices and learn the science, history, geography, and the future technology to know: Why it feels so good to hurt so bad!

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