Science of Cinema
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Slow or Fast?

Black&White or Colored?

Silent or Action?

Real or Animated?

Digital or Celluloid?


Pick your favorite genre of cinema. As you think upon your preferences, do you notice the role of science and technology in providing you such a wide variety of entertainment? From slow-motion to timewarp, from black&white to animation, the science behind cinema has revolutionized the world of entertainment. It has become an aesthetic story-telling tool and a powerful interpretation of human emotions. The interplay of escalated human emotions would not be have been possible without the use of technology. Science innovators transformed the way we perceive human emotion- by making the unsaid/unseen audible/visible to the human eye. From creating new viewer-experience to picking up the next blockbuster, Hollywood is using AI tools and other tech advancements in modern-day cinema. Read further to understand the role of science in cinema...

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