Science and Arts between the Folds: Origami
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What comes to your mind when you look at a sheet of origami? An aeroplane? A fan? A dragon? We might have learnt to create these simple fun crafts and appreciate the art of origami for increasing focus and hand-eye coordination. But with this knowledge, we have seen only the tip of the iceberg! The world of origami is deep and hidden from the naked eye. It is an art as well as a science. But for those who understand it as an inherent part of nature, it is pure magic and wisdom. The domains of science, arts, technology, and business are opening up to the world of origami and for those who explore it, the experience is like going back to their source. But let’s keep the curiosity aspect aside for a while. The realm of origami has significant real-life applications from disaster management, designing space shuttles, and creating robots, to finding life on other planets. Whether you are an artist, a computer engineer, a doctor, or a mathematician, there is hardly any profession that will remain untouched by the magic of origami. What is the secret hidden in between those folds? Explore in this module.

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