Proxemics: Study of ME or WE!
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Space is a silent language. It speaks a lot about people, their culture, their hierarchical position, and their relationship with others. Personal space forms the most intimate part of this space. Everyone has this instinctive protective zone- an invisible bubble- violating it is considered a serious act of indecency, even bullying. It's this invisible bubble around you that signals you to duck when a low-hanging branch suddenly appears in your peripheral vision; or even prevents you from banging your head. The rules of personal space run deep under the surface of consciousness. These rules are well explained through the study of personal space called PROXEMICS. It includes the extensive study of personal space, various affecting factors such as cultural differences and strong habitual patterns, and its impact in various sectors such as hierarchical space in organizations, rank and spatial “deference,” the spatial bases of successful architecture, and intriguing spatial behavior in places as diverse as university classrooms and public restrooms! From anthropologists to psychologists, from interior designers to fashion designers, from directors to computer programmers; everyone vows by the power of the proxemics. Read further to get a clear picture of this invisible bubble around us!

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