Product Placement in the Streaming Era
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If you watched teen drama Riverdale on CW network, Frito Lays must have caught your attention. The product placement company BEN entertainment hopes the audience noticed it enough to crave their own Doritos pack. Or the barrage of products like Charmin toilet paper, Dove Soap, or Arm and Hammer deodorant from the hit show Loki, streaming on Disney+, it is all about the rising trend of featuring products on streaming shows and movies, in a subtle way by marketeers. But does it annoy the viewers? Possibly not. That’s the delicate balance advertisers are trying to strike in the rise of the streaming era through product placement. Not quite obviously advertising but embedding their products into the scene or plot that makes the product more popular – that is product placement advertising.

Streaming channels continue to build traction with ad-averse Gen-Z which has prompted brands in reaching the elusive demographic to consider Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix which typically go ad-free. But do brands pay these subscription services to feature their products? How does product placement marketing work in the era of streaming? With a rapid rise in cord-cutting, is this advertising effective? Read this module to find product-placement influences on cord-cutters than on linear TV.

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