Pet Industry: The Rise of Pet Parenting and Opportunities
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No one can pinpoint when exactly humans started keeping dogs as pets. But, we can now definitely tell that pets are not just limited to dogs and cats and that the human-pet bond is no longer that of ‘pet & owner’ but that of ‘pet & parent’. This change in the equation has opened up a multitude of opportunities to explore in the pet industry. As increasing pet parents continue to treat their animal companions as humans, unthinkable services for pets are becoming mainstream and are expected to be the key growth drivers for the industry -  dogtv (TV for dogs while pet parents are away), pupjoy (using tech and data to offer customized and personalized services for your pets), dig (the dog person’s dating app), pet hotels and pet-day-cares, pet fashion labels and end of life and palliative care for your loved pets. As this bond keeps evolving, so will the opportunities. Explore this module to learn more. 

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