Orientalism: Western Misconceptions & Colonialism
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Some ideas are easy to form. They spread fast. Western speculation about the Eastern countries is one such easily typecast conception. What picture comes to your mind when you think of Arabs? Riding camels…undeservingly wealthy…What about Asians? Religious Fanatics…and Africans? Depraved authoritarians…On the other hand, how do we usually see a western consumer? A perfectly normal human who has the right to own the resources. 

If this is how we typically see the east and the west, we are wearing the lens of orientalism that shows us only what it intends to. It is important to break through the stereotypes and myths that are defective by-products of colonialism. What are the misconceptions of the west? How is it carried through arts, music, and literature? How do knowledge and power keep society under its influence? And how to unfollow such limitations which are deeply ingrained in the culture? Explore these details in the module.

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