Nudge Theory: What We Need is a Little Nudge
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Life offers us the liberty of movement in any direction. While we ought to drift with the flow of life, time and again, we get stuck against its current or fall into a state of inertia. How can we pull ourselves or others out of such swamps? Force does not help, remaining neutral is not the solution, and treatment is not required. What we need is a little nudge to get back into the flow. 

Behavioral research scientists tell us that human beings are prone to proclivities and prejudices that lead them to make poor decisions when it comes to making choices like buying, eating, investing, or being healthy. However, by knowing what and how people think, and designing their choice environment, we can easily nudge them in a helpful direction, leading them to make the best decisions without curtailing their discretion and free will. Know how the nudge theory works and can steer us towards the right path in this module.

Would you ever consider buying something simply because it is expensive?
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