Migration: The Remarkable Journey of Birds
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Migration is perhaps the most outstanding feature in the life history of birds. Seasonally, many species of birds migrate worldwide, flying thousands of miles across continents and oceans, sometimes for food and sometimes to find places to rear their offspring. Birds don’t understand the boundaries between nations – they simply fly over distances to find the best ecological systems and habitats.

Their huge feat of endurance requires immense strength and stamina along the way as for many, the journey can come with a real risk of life. Other important drivers of population declines in migratory bird species are the changes brought about by climate change which many bird species are struggling to adapt.

What compels birds to start this journey and what dangers do they face in this hazardous feat? Do the dynamics of science and art play any role in bird migration? Why is knowledge about migratory bird patterns important for both scientists and birders alike? Read the module to understand about this amazing phenomenon!

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