Metaverse – A Brave New World or Modern Utopia?
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Online meetings, shopping, learning, and education is the contemporary trend on the internet. Meanwhile, a fresh lexicon has made its way into the tech community worldwide. It is being passionately discussed, just as ‘internet’ was talked about in the 1970s. It is known as ‘Metaverse’, which means ‘beyond the universe’. The prophecy says that it is going to metamorphose the entire system of human interaction with technology.

Metaverse is shaking up the high-tech sector as it promises to bring the tidings of thrill and exhilaration through a 3D experience with a combination of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Imagine a new digital world existing parallel to our physical world where you can interact with the help of your self-created virtual construct known as ‘avatar’. You take this persona anywhere on various metaverses just as you put your profile image on different social media platforms. But the experience will be much deeper here with a strong connection to the real-world economy. You can hold conference meetings, invite friends to your cyber home and hang out, shop in the malls, play games, learn, earn, train, eat, and so on. Hi-tech giants like Facebook, Roblox, Microsoft, etc. are already preparing for this forthcoming revolution. How will Metaverse change the future? Can we assess its impact with certainty? Will it change the world for better or worse? What type of industries and jobs will be affected by it? Explore in the module. 

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