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Marvelous Materials Shaping Our Man-made World!
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Would Ironman be able to save us from the Thanos click without his armor suit? Or could Thor save our planet from an army of hostile aliens and Loki the Norse god of mischief! Even our superheroes would not have been able to save our planet from adversaries without the help of super MATERIALS. From sci-fi marvel-materials to the most ordinary objects in our homes, the science and history of materials are often taken for granted. But, in fact, they are some of humankind's most ingenious and improbable inventions. So much so that the main prehistoric phases of our civilization aren’t named after our linguistic prowess, social interactions, or economic achievements, but by the ENGINEERING MATERIALS OF THE AGE. The last century can be aptly classified as a synthetic century where scientists have gained much knowledge about the earth and its elements. The 21st century promises to be the innovative biological century where we will use this knowledge in (re)designing the materials with desired properties. Explore how material science has been shaping our man-made world over the last few centuries and is now at the cusp of transforming engineering and the world that we live in...

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