Is Globalization Uniting the World or Dividing It?
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It is said that the world is shrinking. This is certainly true as we see geographical, cultural, and linguistic barriers getting removed by the power of free trade. Developing as well as developed nations are taking huge strides in the international market, spreading their products, technology, jobs, and information widely. In the dictionary of Capitalism, globalization means prosperity. Large corporations gain a competitive edge and an ideal picture of economic growth gets flashed before our eyes in this global exchange of commerce and capital flow. 

But the phenomenon of globalization has another face. Along with the radiant existence of economic upswing, there is an overcast of dark economy, struggle, and inequality. The concept that seems to be uniting the world is also dividing it. What are the problems associated with globalization? Is it possible to overcome them? Can we stop the catapulted force of globalization? Explore these significant points in this module.

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