Innovation in the Time of Climate Adaptation
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Our planet is showing significant symptoms that call for awakening. Floods, fires, extreme temperatures, droughts, migration of birds & animals and other such signals are sending a powerful message of devising ways to tackle the problem of climate change. Many organizations and communities around the world are already taking mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But there is another way to reduce our vulnerability to the consequences of climate change. This is called adaptation. Adaptation is a proactive approach that prepares us to adjust to the current & future effects of climate change. These involve area-specific measures such as landscape restoration, creating secure infrastructures, and adopting diverse cultivation techniques. However, the concept expands to include measures on the social, economic and political front. It is amazing to know how communities around the world are already adapting to climate change. Innovation is their key and they are prepared to extend their vision and overlook the limiting views and social norms. Explore this dynamic way of responding to climate change in this module.

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