How the Earth’s Ocean Currents Keep It Alive
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As children, we have all observed the generation and movement of waves in ponds and rivers while throwing a stone over them. This was perhaps our first introduction to waves. Movement is very evident in our daily lives; as the earth spins, day changes to night ­— everything on our planet is on the move ­­— nothing stands completely still in, on, or above the earth. Just like moving clouds and blowing winds, water currents are also on the move. Ocean currents are one of the most important environmental factors contributing to our existence. Just like our circulatory system keeps us alive, the earth’s network of moving ocean waters are instrumental in keeping the planet alive and healthy. 

One might feel that oceans are removed and disconnected from our daily lives, but every single person on our planet is connected to the ocean and the choices we make can have a positive or negative impact on them. Be it overfishing, marine pollution, ocean warming, or acidification – today the oceans are under serious threats than ever before. Saving our oceans must remain our priority. John F. Kennedy once said: “Why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea? It’s because we all came from there ... and when we go back ... we are going back from where we came.” So what role do oceans currents play and what forces generate these currents? How is climate change affecting the major ocean currents and life on earth? What worries scientists and what are they trying to do about it? Explore this informative module and start taking tiny steps each day to save your planet!

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