How Slavery Helped Build World Economies
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Slavery has existed right from the advent of civilization. Almost all successful civilizations flourished in the gloomy shadow of slavery. A closer look at civilizations like Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Sumerians reveal numerous examples of the existence of slave trade and the persecution of slaves. The stark images of Gladiators fighting in Roman public arenas to the images showing large stones being ferried by manual labor at the construction site of the pyramids in Egypt are but a glimpse of the ancient practice of slavery. The transition into colonization of weaker states by eminent world powers took slavery to a different level bringing in large movement of unprivileged locals from their native country to work in fields far away thereby ushering in an era of economic development and growth. This colonization also resulted in the persecution of natives in their own country and their employment as slaves.

Do you think slavery still exists in our society? If yes, then in what forms and levels? What according to you was the impact of slavery on different economies? Explore the module to find answers to these pertinent questions.

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