How Drawing Explains Science?
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For ages, the world has been divided into separate realms of science and art. But, can you separate art from science and vice-versa? Both are the two sides of the same coin. One of the most primitive innate needs of humans is to understand the world around us, and then share that understanding. While science provides that deep understanding of the world, arts carves the way to describe the world around us. Artists often struggle more to gain new insights while scientists fail to communicate their insights. But when brought together, they create and spread the ideas across the world. Their perfect symbiosis has been benefitting the world since the Industrial Age. The thoughts and concepts of the great thinkers have led to designs that laid the foundation of the modern world. The scientific illustrators who were then called artists, shaped the world we know today with their drawings, diagrams, structural compositions, and calculations. From airplanes to human bodies, from futuristic concepts to vivid imaginations, artists and scientists have been benefitting each other. Explore the diminishing lines between both disciplines that provide the world with new visions and henceforth carve ways to communicate that vision…

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