Good Things Bacteria Do or Can Do
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Bacterial life has been found almost everywhere we have ever looked on the earth: at the bottom of the ocean, 2 miles beneath Greenland’s glaciers and thermal vents at scorching temperatures weathering extreme conditions. They are omnipresent. And not all bacteria are harmful. They are the first forms of life used to study the origins of life, chronic diseases, and medicine. As soon as we are born, bacteria take over – in our skin, airway, digestive system and everything around us as the first line of pathological defense. Did you know the bacteria in our body weighs nearly as much as our brain? Often regarded as the “tuning forks”, they set the body balance by constantly working on our immune system. Bacteria have an intelligent ability to adapt to new environments that gives rise to newer species. That makes them powerful subjects of study and experimentation worldwide. 

The interesting study of bacteria spans across diverse fields today. In this module, you will learn more about the diverse opportunities that one can pursue with respect to the study of bacteria research limited not just to the laboratory but also the economic importance of it.

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