Geopolitics of Water: The Next Major Global Dispute?
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Water is a vital biological resource that nourishes human life and nurtures the economy of a nation. Commerce and trade depend on it; innovation and R&D thrive on it. A new story is evolving in the world that involves a geopolitical dilemma concerning this natural resource. Major shifts are happening due to the growing population, climate crisis, and other complex factors. Global water demand is expected to increase by 55% between 2000 and 2050, straining the wellspring of aqua significantly. Nations will be forced to figure out how to share the dwindling hydro resources that have formed the natural boundaries between them. Due to water insecurity, tension and conflict will build up among nations, giving rise to pressing political issues. What are the challenges and risks? Will equitable water management be possible? Can measures be taken to turn the tide? Read the module to find out.

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