Geoengineering: Rescuing Our Planet!
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It's not a myth, hoax, or conspiracy- Climate Change is for real. Humans have been carrying out the biggest experiment of mankind for years now- the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our collective activities deposit about 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year! This experiment has already started to reveal some of the catastrophic results like the global increase in atmospheric temperature, sea temperature rise, more hurricanes, etc. Can we undo what’s done already? Is there a way to hack the planet to reduce global warming?

In the aid of climate repair, climate engineers are coming up with different solutions by sucking out the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Engineers are thinking of innovative ways to turn this captured carbon dioxide into the potential fuel of the future with a 'neutral' carbon effect. From placing reflecting mirrors in the space to 'painting sky & oceans white' to injecting the stratosphere with aerosols, scientists are finding innovative ways to manage the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface.   Read further to learn how did volcanoes come to rescue the earth's climate... 

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