From Hunter-gatherer to Modern Societies: What is Lost and What is Left Behind?
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There was a time when humans moved continuously in search of the next meal. They did not have any possessions to carry with them except some basic hunting tools like harpoons, bow & arrows, and projectile points to kill the wild animals and obtain food. They would all wear clothes made of animal skin and distinctions of class and status did not exist as today. People had no means to store food, so there was no surplus. They lived hand to mouth. Gender-based divisions of labor were not seen and everyone – both men and women fed themselves and their clan by hunting. 

But this was 6 million years ago. Do you think that the modern society in which we live today has anything to do with it? It might seem totally in discordance with the civilization of hunting and gathering. But the fact is that traditional society exists in the modern world too, though modified by it in varying degrees. How did the transition take place? What is left by the traditional societies and what is lost? Explore in the module.

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