Forensic Science: Crime-solving Science
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How can you solve a crime by playing with a dollhouse? Did you know that Scotland Yard first rejected the idea of fingerprints as a unique identification tool in 1880? Forensic science forms the core of the criminal investigation. Scientists and researchers can now gather information about your whereabouts by analyzing the air we pass through! With the help of science and technology, investigators are now able to solve the cold forgotten cases of Jane & Jack Does and reach out to their families. Nano technologists, biotechnologists, anatomists, graphic designers, computer programmers, and many more are coming together to the aid of crime investigation to reveal the truth. Justice is not only brought to humans but includes non-humans (Animals, rivers, etc.), as well. But, is forensic science as reliable as we are accustomed to believing? Read further to find out why in 2015, under the Innocence Project, 257 accused (criminals) out of 268 were Re-announced as innocent…

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