Food Symbolism in Fiction
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From the medieval age to the 21st century, works of literature have invigorated their readers by adding a simple culinary touch to the narratives. How often are you fascinated by the story characters as they feast on something flavorful? Have you ever felt their joy of fulfillment as they enjoy simple meals? And sometimes, their wilder grubs leave you feeling powerful about life. How often do you learn a recipe from a storybook, leaving aside the cookbook? 

Just like when visiting a restaurant, many of us cannot resist looking at the others’ platter to know what they are eating, there is a deep yearning to search the essence of fiction via the food that its characters enjoy, yearn, or dislike. Food is inherent in literature and offers a glimpse into the hidden culture, social structures, and subjective preferences of people in the storyline. Traveling in time with them, a reader relishes the succulent journey that remains etched in his memory forever. Read the module to find out what messages and imagery food represent in literature. Bon Appetit!

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