Food Design
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In the movie based on Elizabeth Gilbert's autobiographical novel Eat Pray Love, the protagonist undertakes a journey from suffering to redemption. Along the way, she discovers the pleasures of culinary experiences preparing her for spirituality and commitment later. Indeed, across ages and cultures, Food is not only associated with nutrition but pleasure and celebration. Food by nature is designed to be evocative, triggering rituals, memories, and emotions.


Why does a childhood dish bring a smile to our hearts and how did one man make half of the world reach out for their box of breakfast cereal every morning? What makes us pay 10 times more for the cup of tea at the boutique? How do chefs make people try out more dishes at a sushi bar and packaging design to decide the success or failure of a product? How do mothers make children eat leafy vegetables and design delectable recipes from the pumpkin long past its edible best? Using this specific principle, 3D technology now attempts to tackle the problem of food waste and promote sustainability. If you want to explore more about the ways contexts influence Culinary Design and Design being instrumental in changing food habits permanently, the module is just for you...

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