Exponential Thinking: The power of 10X over 10%!
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How can you reach the moon by folding a paper? How can you turn into a millionaire by saving 'twice the penny' each day? This is the power of Exponential Thinking. Opposed to Linear thinking that is organized, rule-based, logical, and easy to replicate; Exponential thinking is about planning business strategies to make a huge impact globally within a short span of time, with the help of accelerating technology. Our minds have evolved to think linearly, but with the help of unprecedented progress in technology, the coming millennia belongs to the age of Exponential Organisations (ExOs). When you combine human minds that think with an exponential growth mindset with today’s technology, you create businesses like Facebook, Google, Airbnb, and Slack. Read the module to learn the rising power of 10X over 10% profit returns...


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