Explore the Connection Between Food, Culture & Society
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We are what we are today partly because of what we have imbibed from our culture from generation to generation. Food is also one such imbibed aspect and has very strong cultural affinity. Now, with globalization the world is open to us and so are its vast diversity of flavors and cuisines. Food is no longer tied down to where it originated from – it spreads far and wide. Different dishes find their way around the world – thanks to technology and the rapid transfer of information, goods, and services.

It is not surprising to find someone having idli and sambhar for breakfast in South India, then a plate of biryani on his layover in Dubai and finishing the trip with a sumptuous steak in New York. Food connects the world just like the Internet. It encompasses religious and cultural ideologies and is a symbol of regional and ethnic identity. Various food habits and cuisines have interesting genesis, and it is worth knowing the journey of present day food. Read the module to find out more of such interesting facts and details.

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