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The buzzword of today! Visit a half-decent college and you would find most, if not all the students have some kind of entrepreneurial experience on their CV.

If you have earned some kind of money (or not), and for some reason are out of the normal job market, and especially if you have a decent network, some fancy degrees, it is likely that you would take a stab at entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the new flavor of the season. While many get attracted to it, few succeed. Discover the key processes involved in disciplined entrepreneurship, get a sense of the lean startup model, and understand the fundamental tenets of MVP (minimum viable product), MLP (maximum loved product), product-market fit, etc. Some discussion on what-if scenarios as well - what if you failed? What if you could not raise capital? What if you could not sustain it? etc.

Dive into the world of entrepreneurship. But remember, to do is to be an entrepreneur. Exploring on ACadru alone won't suffice! 

How does an approximate curve on a dinner-napkin kickstart the complete new supply-side economics?
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