Emojis: Digital Language in Marketing
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I like messing with your mind - evil laugh ????

I like messing with your mind ????

Which of the above speaks your mind?

Little phone symbols as these, add a dash of personality and bling of color that perks up our most boring messages. And they are here to stay! Since every picture tells a story, emojis are part of any marketer’s sell-strategy today. More than fun characters exchanged over tweets and texts; they have become a cultural phenomenon transcending social platforms. Even brands have figured how integrating emojis smartly can add zing to their communication. Did you know, nearly 5 billion emojis on average are being used on a single messaging platform daily? Purely reflecting the emotions of users like you and me. But when brands use emojis creatively, there’s a definite and subtle subtext of strategy that guides beyond the fun and gimmick. Emojis are eye-catchy, candid, and well-meaning visuals that have the potential to shout out loud in the ever-crowded social media environment. But, are they too casual? Or is it easy to misuse them? And are they appropriate in the workplace?

This module covers why emojis are used in business communication today and how they build the necessary traction to attract your audience.

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